Cork City

Shandon Church (St Ann's Church)

Built in 1722 in the place of an old church destroyed by the seat of 1690, this Protestant church should be visited and it is highly recommended that you climb its steeple which offers a wonderful panorama on the city of Cork (this church is located on the hill of Shandon).

Butter Exchange

Is a small centre for artisans where you will find porcelains, jewels, potteries, sweaters, woollen articles... the name comes from an old activity of Cork which involved the export of salted butter in the middle of the 18th century until 1924.

St Patrick's Street

You are here in the commercial downtown area of Cork, the heart of the city with its old houses.This street is actually a covered walkway and leads to St Patrick's Bridge, a charming bridge with 3 arches.

St Finbarr's Cathedral (Dean Street)

Is in the French Gothic style, this cathedral was built in 1865, exactly on the spot of the vault of the founder of the city of Cork from the 6th century.

Cork Museum

This museum recalls the tumultuous history of the city. It is set up in an old brewery since 1909.

Cork City Goal

You must not miss this old prison set as a museum and recalls the life in prison, as if you were there! You can have commentary during your visit in other languages (thanks to an audio visual aid) and a short film in English concludes your visit.

County Cork
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