It should be stressed that this county is marked by the past. It is called "Rebel County" since many risings occurred in Cork, at the time of the War of Independance (1919 to 1922) and the civil war. Terence MacSweeney, Mayor of Cork, was sent to jail because he belonged to the IRA and died in prison at the end of 76 days hunger strike.

Cork was a fortified town against the English colonization and the Irishmen which gathered (Wild Geese ) were heroic in the battle of Fontenoy.

The downtown area was burnt in 1920 by the "Black and Tans" in reprisals against the Irishmen.

In the 19th century there were more than 3 million emigrants who departed for the new world.

The town of Cork was destroyed and rebuilt many times, this is what gives its cultural and historical richness.

County Cork
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