Galway City

Galway is an exciting vibrant city with many attractions - good shops, music, food, drinks, Saturday market etc. The city was strongly influenced by Spanish and you can still see monuments with Spanish such as 'The Spanish Arch'.

Eyre Square / Kennedy Park

Located in the town-centre, this park is accessible to all, and is dedicated to President J.F.Kennedy. There, you will discover sculptures and statues which tell the history of Galway, all set in a very pleasant environment of fountains, greenery etc.

City Museum

The city museum is essentially a folk museum where you can discover the habits and the traditions of the town. You could also see many different antiquities in relation to the history of the city - farming tools, pieces of old machines, military material, objects dating from medieval times with a series of sculptures dating from the 17th century, etc...

The museum is open 7 days from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm.

Nora Barnacle Museum

Is a small museum (open only in summer) dedicated to James Joyce, one of the most famous writers in Ireland. The museum is located in the wedge house of Nora Barnacle, the artist's wife.

Lynch's Castle

This town house located on the corner of Shop Street and Abbey Gate Street Upper, is considered to be the most beautiful house in Ireland. This building is a very good example of harmony between modern and old constructions in Galway. It is currently occupied by a bank.


The cathedral opened in 1965 and is located on the site of the old prison of the county which was famous for its rigour towards the prisoners. Inside, you can appreciate impressive sculptures, as well as splendid frescos. The style is 'hiberno-romantic', which is a typically Irish single style which dates from the 11th century.

Court House & Town Hall

The Court House of the county is very impressive because of its design and its architecture. It dates back to 1818 but the few restorations which were carried out did not alter this splendid building.

Nearby, you can admire the Town Hall. Previously, this building was used as a Court House.but ceased that function in 1901. Today it is also used as a Theatre and Cinema.

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church (the biggest church of this region) was originally constructed in 1320 by the famous Lynch family. The structure of the present day is the result of over 700 years of extensions and rebuilding. 

Bridge Mills

The Bridge Mills is located just past O'Brien's Bridge, near the river Corrib. This 430 year old building overlooks the neighbourhood buildings and has been turned into a charming shopping centre with tiny stores. There is a perfect harmony between these stores and the impressive infrastructures of this historical building. The Bridge Mills celebrates its medieval origins during the summer months with medieval banquets, costumes, as well as typical entertainment of this period. 

Salmon Weir Bridge

From this bridge you can see, in June and July, salmon going upstream towards the lakes.

Salmon Weir Bridge was constructed in 1818 and its aim was to link the site of the Cathedral with the Courthouse and also to provide a connection with the main road to Connemara.


Galway city offers an extraordinary choice of book shops offering a large diversity of books for each period of history. Probably the most famous of these bookshops is Kennys'.

Galway Early Music Festival

This festival takes place each year in Galway in May over 3 days. It celebrates the various cultures of Europe from 12th to the 18th century.

In June there is the Salthill Harp Festival.

Oyster Festival in Galway

Galway city is famous for the best seafood in Ireland. This single festival with international reputation takes place each year on the third weekend of September and attracts tourists worldwide.

Walking in Galway

There are plenty of beautiful buildings and medieval streets where you can just walk and enjoy the beauty and architecture of this historic city. A walk on the promenade at Salthill or on the beach gives you refreshing and breathtaking views of the ocean and Galway coastline.

County Galway
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