County Leitrim

The Costello Chapel

Considered to be the second smallest chapel in the world, it was built in 1877 by Costello in homage to his wife. They now rest side by side in this beautiful memorial.

Castle Parke

This Castle was built in the 17th century on the edge of Lough Gill. The characteristic of this castle lies in the shape of its chimney. In the courtyard you can see the ruins of a tower of the early 16th century. Guided tours are organized on request supplemented by an audio-visual presentation "Pierre by stone".

The waterfall of Glencar

This waterfall, celebrated by poet W.B Yeats, measures 150 metres in height and is even more impressive after a rainfall. The site is splendid as it falls into the Glencar Lake.

Lough Rynn House

This home was formerly that of the Earl of Leitrim covering more than one hectare, it was one of largest of all the country. The garden was a kitchen garden in the beginning but it was entirely restructured and is famous today as being a very pleasant Victorian garden.

County Leitrim
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