County Sligo

Megalithic Tombs

Approximately 5km to the south of the regional airport, you will find the largest site of megalithic tombs in Europe, it is a paradise for amateurs of archaeology, and for simply curious visitors, it is a good time to discover the life of prehistoric men.

Drumcliff Village

In the town of Drumcliff, There are many high crosses and the site of a round tower. It is in this place that WB Yeats is buried. Not far from there in Lisadell House (19th century), one can see his writings. The house is a majestic castle, and is open to the public.

Enniscrone Seaweed Baths

Open in 1962, this house contains splendid decorations of Edwardian period. On arrival, the visitor is immersed in an enormous luxuriant refined oil bath which will give him an intense feeling of lightness.

The Museum of Emigration

This museum concerns an era when emigration was the only hope of a better life, during which time whole families were dispersed throughout the world. The building which shelters this museum was the passage office for emigration towards the new world, since it was the agency for the emigrant.

Woodville Farm

This farm takes you on a guided tour through its green fields and its wooded land and its traditional buildings in which you will discover all the species of farm animals and many rare species also.  

The Cemetery of Megalithic Tombs

This large cemetery is located in the village of Carrowmore and is one of largest and oldest in the country. There are dolmens, circles of stone and more than 60 tombs in all. They date back to 4000 BC.

County Sligo
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